Saturday Night Skate July 2024

This July, skate through the iconic Changi Airport Jurassic Mile and East Coast Park with us!

The Jurassic Mile features an array of static dinosaur displays and is the crown jewel of Changi Airport and a popular location for the young and old.

The skating rink located near Marine Cove at East Coast Park is the birth place of many veteran inline and roller skaters and continues to be the beacon of skaters there despite going through various transformation throughout the years.


Date: 27 July 2024, Saturday
Route briefing: 7:15pm, Flag off: 7:30pm
Start Point: Changi Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Hall (near PCN)
End Point: East Coast Park Skate Rink @ Carpark C3
Distance: ~13km


ROUTE (Click on the icon)


  • CG 2 Changi Airport

Simply RSVP via the event page on WeSkate's Facebook page (Facebook login required). This will allow you to see event updates on the Facebook event page in case of event changes or cancellation.

Please note that all event related notifications including cancellation will be posted on this event page only. Cancellation notice will be posted at least 60 minutes before the event if necessary. Kindly contact the Skate Captain if you need clarification on the status of the SNS in case of inclement weather.

Night Skate Captain, Jon Wong.
HP: (65)9368 4435 or Email to

The activity is free and open to all public skaters with the following in mind:
1. This is an open and public social gathering, participants take part in the SNS AT THEIR OWN RISK. WeSkate facilitate this social activity but assume no responsibility for the safety and well-being of the participants.
2. For intermediate skaters and above only.
3. Event will start on time.
4. Young children are strongly advised to wear full protective gears with helmet and should be accompanied by an adult guardian.
5. Participants MUST BE ABLE to execute stopping, turn sharp corners and handle the following unassisted: slopes, stairs, curbs, humps, depressions, rough/uneven ground, wet surfaces and urban features like overhead bridges and traffic crossings, possess good speed control and manoeuvre skills.
6. Traffic crossings and overhead bridges to be expected. Be patient and obey all traffic rules.
7. Respect pedestrians and avoid causing obstruction or inconvenience to the public, especially at the Pit Stops. Give way if necessary.
8. Follow the instructions from the Skate Captain and try to stay with the pack and avoid overtaking to prevent getting lost from the pack.
9. Do not skate into Changi Airport, please only skate on the Park Connector.
10. Route may change without prior notice, please refer to the Skate Captain.
11. Participants are expected to study and understand the route map completely before participating in the event. In the event of participants being unable to navigate onto the correct route, please contact the Skate Captain to share your live location and we will aid you in your navigation.

Please read the terms and conditions before joining this activity.