Administrative Instructions for Family Day 2023

Thank you for your interest to participate in our event. Please kindly go through the following instructions.

17 June 2023 Saturday

8:50am: Route and safety brief
9:00am: Flag off

2 hours


Starting Point: TE22 Gardens by the Bay MRT Station Exit 1
Ending Point: Marina Bay Sands event plaza (facing the Waterfront)


Contact Information
Coach Jon, Mobile: 93684435


  • The event will start on time, please kindly arrive early to gear up and prepare for the event brief at 8:50am and flag off at 9am.
  • If bad weather is projected to occur or is occurring before the event, it will be cancelled and you will be notified at least 90 minutes prior to the event.
  • If bad weather occurs midway into the event, the Tour Leader and Marshals will lead the pack to the nearest available shelter and dismissal actions will be activated accordingly.
  • In the event if you are late, you can still join the event but you will need to find your way to meet up with the skating pack. You can request for live location sharing from Coach Jon in such a case.
  • If you are driving, you can park at the car park near the MRT station or near Marina Barrage for the starting point and at Marina Bay Sands Mall or near Bayfront event space for the end point. (Refer to image A)
  • Equip yourself with necessities such as water, sun screen, moisturizer, First-aid kit, footwear, etc. A bag will be ideal.
  • Full set of protective gears is recommended for skaters, especially juniors, but not mandatory. Cyclists and scooters can have this option too.
  • Observe basic etiquette and obey instructions from the Tour Leader and Marshals. Stay with the pack and do not deviate from the route without prior notice to the Tour Leader.
  • Do not travel at a very fast speed and jeopardize the safety of the public with any rash actions.
  • We will be traveling at an adequate speed to cater to the pack, with periodic stoppages at prominent locations to allow slower participants to catch up with the pack if they lag behind.
  • Exercise caution when moving in crowded places, especially tourist attractions such as the Flower Dome, Marina Bay Sands event plaza and the Merlion Park.
  • A break of 15 minutes will be allocated when our pack arrives at Merlion Park. Avoid moving to other areas outside of the park without prior notice to the Tour Leader.
  • Snacks and drinks can be purchased at the 7-11 convenient store location near the Merlion Park. Avoid skating into the store and only proceed in on foot for purchases if possible. Ideally, you can pool your orders together if there are many purchases to avoid long queues.
  • Parents who are not joining their kid(s) for the event can drop the participant off at TE22 Exit 1 and pick them up at Marina Bay Sands event plaza when the event ends.
  • All participants are expected to comply with the instructions by the Tour Leader and Marshals.

Image A

By agreeing to participate in this event, you agree that you understand and accept the risks involved, which may arise from unforeseen circumstances and will not hold WeSkate and its crew responsible in such circumstances. You agree that you will be responsible for your own safety. If the participant is a minor, you agree that you will understand and agree on his/her behalf.