Administrative Instructions for WeSkate Family Day

Thank you for your interest to participate in our Family Day event. Please kindly go through the following instructions.

  • The event will start at 0900hrs sharp. Briefing will commence at 0850hrs. Please kindly be early to prepare and gear up.
  • Contact Coach Jon if you were to be late.
  • All equipment including skates and safety gears are self-provisional. If you are Scootering or Cycling, please prepare your own ride.
  • Bring along some water and snacks if necessary.
  • Please comply with instructions by the skate leader and marshals and behave appropriately while skating at the public places. Do not overtake the leader or cause any public disturbances.
  • Do not skate, cycle or scoot inside Marina Bay Sands Mall and only at the areas as instructed by the leader and marshals.
  • The starting point is at the event plaza facing the waterfront, refer to the location map at our website.
  • The route will be in 2 phases with phase 1 being a loop from the plaza to The Merlion and back and phase 2 being from the plaza to the Flower Dome and back.
  • You can have the option of completing phase 1 only or both phase 1 and 2, depending on your endurance level.
  • If the weather is bad before the event, the event will be cancelled and you will be given prior notice at 0800hrs. Weather forecast will be based on the official website by NEA.
  • If weather turns bad midway into the event, all participants will need to evacuate to the nearest shelter with the leader and marshals and await further instructions. Do not continue to skate, scoot or cycle in the bad weather.
  • For any inquiries or assistance, please contact Coach Jon at (65) 9368-4434.