COVID-19 Advisory for Skating Classes

Please kindly take a few moments to go through the following advisory

As an effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our students while Singapore continues to return to normalcy amidst the pandemic, the following measures will be implemented. Please note that failure to comply with these measures will render the student ineligible to attend or continue with the class.
This advisory is effective as of the current Phase 3 of our COVID-19 A Safe Singapore protocol implemented on 28 December 2020 and will be subjected to changes should there be any updates from the Ministry of Health.

Maximum students per class is limited to 8 excluding the instructor.

Class slots are subjected to availability, please book your lesson with the coach. Slots may not be guaranteed.

Students are to maintain a safe distance of at least 2m apart from each other. There should be no physical contact and activities/games with such nature will be temporarily suspended.

Students will have their temperature taken before the class by the coach. Should the temperature reads above 37.5 degree celsius, the students will not be allowed to continue with the class but the lesson will not be forfeited.

Wearing of face mask is compulsory before and after the class, but not during the class to prevent respiratory issues. However, students are allowed to wear face shields during class.

  • Students who feel unwell in the midst of the class can request to stop and leave the class and compensation is subjected to a case-to-case basis.
  • Students who are unwell before the class, please refrain from attending the class.
  • Please ensure that you complete the booking for a class slot as slots are limited. Students showing up without a booking will not be entertained.
  • Should the student be unable to attend the class due to personal reasons, please kindly inform us early to make the slot available for other students.
  • Parents/Guardians who are accompanying the students are advised to maintain safe distancing of at least 1m when staying around. Only 1 parent/guardian is allowed to accompany the student if necessary and you will be advised to stay away if the number of people at the class exceeds 8.
  • Students are advised against touching multiple surfaces while skating and sanitize their hands if necessary.
  • All training aids including cones, mats, etc will be sanitized adequately. Students are discouraged to share training aids.

If you need clarification or have an inquiry, please contact us at (65) 9368-4435 or email to