Terms and conditions for September Holiday Skate Camp


  • The camp is an outdoor type of camp and therefore is subjected to adverse weather conditions.
  • No refund will be entertained once a camp purchase is finalized.
  • For Excursion Camps, we will skate to various locations each day and will cover a considerable amount of distance, therefore please ensure the participant have ample rest.
  • If the participant is unwell, please allow the participant to skip the camp and seek medical treatment or rest at home.
  • If the event of bad weather prior to the camp, you will be given a cancellation notification via Whatsapp at least 60 minutes before camp if the camp area is assessed to be affected by the bad weather. We will base our assessment on weather conditions data provided on the NEA website.
  • For every camp cancelled due to bad weather, you will be compensated with 2 x Open Group Class sessions. Please note that this is only applicable if the camp is cancelled.
  • If the participant is unable to attend the camp due to personal reasons, the participant is allowed to transfer the attendance to another person to attend the camp on his/her behalf, but not to a similar participant who is also attending the camp too.
  • No compensation will be entertained for participants who miss the camp due to personal reasons, without allocating a representative to attend the camp and without prior notice if the camp proceeded as planned.
  • All participants should bring along a bag pack containing water bottle, snacks (optional), money (if they prefer to buy commercial products), footwear and Ezylink card. The footwear and Ezylink card is to facilitate our traveling on public transport.
  • Participants are not allowed to bring forward missed camp day(s) to another camp period in future Holiday Skate Camps.
  • Participants who claimed the Open Group Class sessions for cancelled camps must complete the usage of these sessions within the month of September.
  • If bad weather occurs midway into the conduct of the Excursion Camp, the camp will be considered complete and no compensation whatsoever will be entertained for remaining time or time loss during the camp.


  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the camp. For Excursion Camp, we will depart from Punggol MRT Station at 9am and for Beginner Camp, we will commence at 9am sharp.
  • No time extension will be given for late comers. Please avoid this as it will affect the overall conduct of the camp and other participants.


  • No monetary refund will be given for cancelled camps.
  • Compensation policy applies only for Excursion Camps. Beginner Camp is under a sheltered area and not affected by bad weather.
  • Compensation sessions are not exchangeable for cash.


  • All campers must wear ALL the safety gears and helmet during the camp. Failure to comply may result in withdrawal from the camp.


  • Payment must be completed before the camp closing date via PayNow or Paylah to (65)9368-4435. Failure to do so will render the slot booking unsuccessful.
  • No discount will be given for campers who bring own equipment.
  • No refund will be given for participants who pull out of camp due to personal reasons.
  • Socks are mandatory and self-provisional. Absence of socks may cause the feet to have abrasions. Long socks are preferred.
  • Bring water for hydration. Option to purchase water is available from vending machines for Advanced Camp participants.
  • Wear cool and light clothing.
  • Avoid wearing arm socks, long sleeves or pants as the protective gears may slide of position.
  • Sunscreen or sun blocks are recommended.
  • Location of camp venue may be subjected to changes and you will be given ample notification prior to the camp should this occurs.
  • Ensure that you have completed the online registration and indemnity form before the camp. One form per participant.

WeSkate reserves the right to amend and adjust the above terms without prior notice.