Terms and conditions for skating lessons


  • Book your lesson at least 2 days in advance to your preferred date. Late bookings may not be available or entertained.
  • For alterations or changes to lessons, please notify us via email or mobile phone at least 2 days in advance.
  • Bookings are only valid upon successful receiving of payments for online bookings. For cash payments, the full amount must be paid upon the first session.


  • Attend your lesson according to the bookings that you have made. Do not attempt to attend at a date or time slot that is outside of your bookings as you may be rejected by the respective instructor.
  • Show up at least 15 minutes earlier to prepare yourself and gear up. The lessons will start and end on time, and late comers will not have any time extension granted.
  • Failure to show up at the lesson without prior notice or valid reason will render your session void and no compensation with be made.
  • A maximum period of 6 weeks is allocated to complete a package of 4 lessons. If there are additional lessons due to promotions, the 2 extra week grace period applies accordingly. Students are not advised to postpone lessons for long periods of time or take a long time to complete a package. Requests to postpone lessons such as medical, academical etc have to be sent via email or Whatsapp and subjected to approval on a case-to-case basis.


  • If the lesson is cancelled before the stated time due to bad weather, the lesson will be compensated on the subsequent lesson date based on your package. You will receive a notification of cancellation prior to the lesson in case of inclement weather. However, if you want to seek clarification on whether a lesson is happening during inclement weather, please contact us too.
  • If it rains less than 30 minutes into the lesson, the lesson will stop due to safety considerations. The lesson is considered cancelled and you will retain your lesson, postponed to the next session.
  • If it rains more than 30 minutes into the lesson, the lesson will stop due to safety considerations. The lesson is considered completed and neither will you receive a compensated lesson nor will the remaining time be brought forward to the next session.
  • All lesson replacement and compensation policies will be according to the stipulated lesson schedules, with no extensions being entertained.
  • The policy applies to Open Group classes, Small Group classes, Private classes, Corporate classes, Freestyle classes and Introductory Trial classes.
  • Change of lesson package type is prohibited. I.e. Open Group Class change to be Small Group Class, for proper accounting purposes. You are advised to complete your package before switching to a different class type.
  • All lessons are non-transferable or exchangeable. You are prohibited to pass your lesson to another person. However, in the event that you are unable to continue with lessons due to reasons such as permanent injury, migration to another country, personal commitments, etc, please write in to us at WeSkate2gtr@gmail.com for permission and documented proof for your mitigation.


  • All equipment, inclusive of skates, gears and helmets, will be provided for free use for the first package of 4 sessions, applicable for Open Groups and Small Groups only.
  • A fee of $7.50 per lesson will apply for equipment use for subsequent lesson packages (or $30/package). This fee is not applicable for Private Classes.
  • The equipment fee is chargeable as long as there is usage of our equipment, even if it’s only a pair of protective pads.
  • Private Class students can enjoy free usage of all equipment.


The instructors are trained to deliver the skills professionally and effectively to the best of their abilities.

  • Please treat instructors with due respect.
  • No physical or verbal abuse towards the instructors will be tolerated.
  • Any behavioural issues by the student will render the instructor the right to stop the student from further participation in the lesson.
  • Any issues of concern must be highlighted to WeSkate unless a private settlement is possible between client and instructors.


  • Bring your own socks for hygiene purposes if you are using our skates. Socks are not provided.
  • Hydration is important to prevent heat related injuries/conditions. Please bring water bottles or you can have the option to purchase drinks from vendors or machines.

WeSkate reserves the rights to amend any terms without prior notification.


By attending the lessons, you understand and accept the risks involved, which may include unforeseen accidents which may result in serious injuries or death, and is willing to be responsible for your own safety.

You agree that you will not hold WeSkate and its staff responsible in any circumstance and release them from any legal implications.