Terms and conditions for Valentine's Day Promotion

  • Promotion is valid from now till 28 February.
  • Promotion is only applicable for new sign-ups
  • For existing students, promotion is only applicable for lesson package renewals.
  • Registration is only valid with 2 concurrent sign-ups. For
  • For existing individual students, a second person sign-up is required together with the renewal for the offer to be valid.
  • Students are given a period of 6 weeks to complete the 5 (4 + 1) sessions. No bringing or carrying forward of lesson will be entertained.
  • If the session is cancelled due to bad weather, then the lesson will be postponed accordingly and students will be notified accordingly.
  • Equipment will continue to be free for use in the 5th session (the free session) for fresh sign-ups. This is not applicable for students with renewal packages.