Terms and Conditions for WeSkate Family Day


By participating in this event or allowing your child(ren) to participate, you understand and agree to understand the risks involved and will not hold WeSkate or its staff responsible for any incidents/accidents resulting in injuries due to unforeseen circumstances. You will agree to adhere and obey the instructions by the Skate Captain and the Marshals and will behave in an adequate manner while skating/cycling/scooting in such public places.

1. WeSkate facilitate this social event but assume no responsibility for the safety of the participants.
2. For intermediate skaters and above.
3. Event will start on time.
4. It is mandatory for children to wear full protective gears with helmet.
5. Respect pedestrians and avoid causing obstruction or inconvenience to the public.
6. Give way if necessary.
7. Follow the instructions from the Skate Captain and try to stay with the pack.
8. Route may change without prior notice.
9. Do not skate into Marina Bay Sands Mall as it is not allowed.
10. All equipment is self-provisional and no equipment rental is available. This applies to cyclists and scooters as well.
11. Socks and water are recommended.