Administrative Instructions for Beginners Holiday Skate Camp

Thank you for signing your kid(s) for our camp. Please kindly take some time to go through the following.


The camp is held at the Punggol Waterfront outside or Punggol Waterway Point.


Camp D: 3 & 4 December, 1400hrs - 1530hrs or
Camp I: 17 & 18 December, 0900hrs - 1030hrs or
Camp J: 17 & 18 December, 1400hrs - 1530hrs


Bring water, mosquito repellent or patch, sunscreen (optional), hand sanitizer and footwear. Wearing of masks is not mandatory during the camp as we are engaging in a physical activity. However, mask will need to be worn before and after the camp. Bring along a clean Ziplock bag to store the mask when not in use.


Wear something comfortable and cooling. Pants and long sleeves are not preferred as the protective guards do not remain tight over fabric.


The camp will be cancelled in the event of bad weather. If bad weather occurs before the commencement of the camp, you will receive the cancellation notification via WhatsApp at least 45-60 minutes prior to the camp.


If rain occurs midway into the camp, we will evacuate to the nearest shelter located at Waterway Point, and the remaining time of the camp will be cancelled. Please note that we will not continue the camp inside Waterway Point premises. If the parent/guardian is not at the premise, we shall contact the parent/guardian and wait until the camper is handed over safely.


Please kindly go through the compensation policy available from our Terms and Conditions.


We will start and end at the stated locality mentioned earlier. If the parent/guardian needs to go off after depositing the camper, you can return to the same location to pick up the camper when the camp ends.

The camper has the right to stop continuing with the camp due to reasons for e.g. injury, fatigue, not feeling well, etc. Do note that there will not be compensation given for the remaining time.


All campers are expected to behave adequately and obey the instructions from the coach. Campers should not cause any hazard to themselves, other campers or the public. Any undesirable behavior will render the coach the rights to suspend the camper from participating in the camp and the case will be reflected to the parents/guardians.


Registration is only complete upon the successful payment of the camp fees prior to the camp. If you have received a camp confirmation from us, you can complete payment via PayNow or PayLah to (65) 9368 4435. Fee is $45/camper for 2 days x 1.5 hours/day. Please kindly notify us after your payment.

Failure to do so will render the camper ineligible to participate in the camp. Kindly note that we do not accept cash payment on site.

For inquiries, please contact Coach Jon at 93684435 or email to